Top Tips for Great Travels

Below are some points to consider when planning a trip.

Be organized so there are no problems when it is time to whip out your travel info and start by making duplicate copies and using a lightweight plastic envelope to keep them in. Checking travel details is no hassle if you stay organized so whether you require hotel names or people addresses or phone numbers you can have them in your hands quickly.

Wallet or purse contents must be photocopied twice. One is for the house but bring the other along and keep it in the luggage. This does not cover cash of course.

Wills and other confidential papers should be ready too. By doing this you protect your family and ensure that they are left with something substantial should you get in an accident whether it is insurance or an inheritance stipulated in your will. It is always a good thing to have plenty of change. Keep them in secondhand film canisters. After all you never can tell when you might be taking a bus or train or having to contact someone and the only phone available is the payphone.

Cooking is always hard for the tent camper so an easy solution is to bring a griddle. Hotdogs and burgers along with hot sandwiches and toast and more can be cooked easily plus carrying the thing is a breeze since it is portable. Eat at a fast-food place and then bid a final farewell to the bulk that is your old portable propane stove.

A little destination info always helps so do the homework before heading out. Pay particular attention on the transport info listed and not so much the travel attractions. Find out which places warrant a visit and what dress standards apply by chatting up the locals or searching online for information. Reconsider travel plans if the locals based on your research turned out more on the cheeky side.

People into travels that call for specialized gear and apparel should consider using duffel bags as storage places as they are big and convenient to lug along. A typical ski bag generally would have ski stuff such as thermals along with goggles and ski sweaters plus a hat maybe or socks. In wearing dresses of considerable length pair them with bike shorts that have sown in pockets on the outside. The pockets have to be secure and big enough so that passports and travel papers put there do not fall out.

Make it doubly hard for the pockets to come off by adding Velcro then store the rest of your valuables in a safe location. Another excellent tip if you are a woman is adding pockets to a slip or camisole you brought along In Michigan specifically in Sturgis there is the Harley roundup which is a classic example of a vacation event that is better off missed.